Integrated Mind-body Mechanism Lab.

Director: Prof. Atsuo Takanishi

We are doing research on integrating body and mind mechanisms to clarify this human mechanism in order to develop humanoid robots which can co-exist with humans in our future society.


Bipedal Humanoid Robot: WABIAN-RIII
(WAseda BIpedal humANoid Refined ver. III)

The purpose of this research is to clarify the human walking mechanism and to develop the mechanics and the control systems of humanoid robots. The WABIAN-RIII, which is 1.88[m] in height and weighs 130[kg], can dynamically walk carrying a load with its hands, dance with a human, and walk in a variety of ways, including side ways and turning. In addition, it can walk while representing the emotions of happiness, sadness, and anger.


Mouth Opening and Closing Training Robot: WY-5R
(Waseda Yamanashi-5 Refined)

We aim to pioneer a new research theme named "dental robotics." The WY-5R is composed of a patient manipulator and a doctor manipulator controlled by master-slave system. We also developed a "skill transfer device", and a teletraining system with ISDN. This research is in collaboration with Yamanashi Medical University.


Food Texture Measurement with WWT-1

Food Texture Measurement Robot: WWT-1
(Waseda Wayo Texturobot-1)

Conventional food texture measurement machines had only 1-DOF, therefore they couldn't measure food texture in a similar manner as a human. The WWT-1 has 6-DOF therefore it can simulate human jaw motion. Also WWT-1 can move as precisely as a conventional measurement machine. This is a joint research project with Wayo Women's University.


Anthropomorphic Flutist Robot: WF-3RVII
(Waseda Flutist-3 Refined VII)

We are doing research on the communication between robots and humans in music space and are developing a robot that simulates a human playing the flute. The robot, called WF-3RVII, has lungs, lips, nine fingers, and can autonomously search a "general position." To represent the emotion of impression, it can reproduce trill and vibrato.


Emotion Expression Robot: WE-3RIV
(Waseda Eyes-3 Refined IV)

We are developing a human-like head robot which naturally communicates with humans. The WE-3RIV follows an object with its 4-DOF neck and 4-DOF eyes. By environmental information such as smell, sounds and haptics, it changes its mental state and represents emotion and impression with the face, lips, and eyebrow mechanisms.


Talking Robot: WT-1
(Waseda Talker-1)

The purpose of this research is to make clear the human vocal mechanism from the view of engineering by reproducing vocal movement using a robot, and to make a dynamic model for it. The WT-1 has vocal organs (lungs and vocal cords) and the articulators (tongue, lips, teeth, nasal cavity), it can simulate a human's vocal movement. We succeeded in programming WT-1 to speak the Japanese vowels /a/, /i/, /u/, /e/, /o/.

WM-5 with a real rat

Rat Robot: WM-5
(Waseda Mouse - 5)

We are developing rat-robots to realize smooth communication between creatures and robots by repeating behavioral experiments between rats and rat-robots. The WM-5 has a similar form and function as a real rat. Its fast moving speed, remote control with FM, and mounting functions are the main features of WM-5.

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