Development of Waseda Robot

-The study of Biomechanisms at (the late) Kato Laboratory-

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Artificial arms and hands
WABOT (WAseda roBOT)
Artificial muscle and human postural stability
Biped walking robot
Computer-aided design system for robotics
EMG-controlled upper limb prosthesis
Infomation transmission by electrocutaneous stimulation
Analysis of electromyogram for control of artificial extremities
Multifunctional above-Knee prosthesis
Automatic palpation system for breast cancer


Main study after 1985

(the late)
Ichiro Kato


  More than 20 years have passed since I started studying robotics. For the celebration of my sixtieth birthday this year, I decided that it would be an appropriate time to chronicle the studies I and my students have carried out over the years.
  The emphasis in my laboratory has always been on developing robotics with a target 20~30 years hence in mind, and we have selected our themes based on the belief that the 21st century will be an era of personal robots and cyborgs. As a result, I became very interested not only in the function of robots, but also in the physical form of robots.
  Thus, our endeavors have not been limited to the manufacturing field, but have also included tertiary industries and the medical field.
  This brochure traces our studies in robotics, touching on the related technical developments. I sincerely hope that every one of us can forecast the possible future developments in robotics through our past trajectories.

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