Reseach Topics



Harmonized Human Machine Environment Lab.
      Shuji Hashimoto Group

Our laboratory is responsible for researches on visual aspect and the realization of emotion in humanoid robots. The research topics include various fields such as environment recognition, human recognition and KANSEI interface. Throughout these works, we aim to realize a harmonized human-machine environment.

Cyber Robotics Lab.
      Seinosuke Narita Group

Our laboratory is doing on Tele-Robotics and the analysis of space structure for a robot's path planning. We have developed a virtual robot simulator for the empirical research of Tele-Robotics and have proposed a method for the analysis of space structure from scene images from an ocellus aspect.

Meta Communication Lab.
      Katsuhiko Shirai Group

We are doing close studies of the methods used to communicate with robots smoothly as well as for the recognition of human faces under various conditions. We analyzed and evaluated the methods used to control the robot in expressing non-verbal information. As the first step in recognizing the motion of a human face, we tried to extract the human face under various conditions, and to detect facial poses and eye-gazes.

Perceptual Computing Lab.
      Tetsunori Kobayashi Group

We are developing a man-machine communication interface for humanoid robots, especially for use in our daily life communication. The main part of our study is the modeling and development of a multi-modal interface, which is needed to deal with our daily life communication style.

Integrated Mind-body Mechanism Lab.
     Atsuo Takanishi Group

We are doing researches on integrating the physical and the psychological mechanism in order to clarify the mechanism of human and to develop humanoid robots co-existing with humans in our future society.

Intelligent Machine Lab.
     Shigeki Sugano Group

We are developing robots with the theme of "collaboration between human and robots". WENDY realizes to share working space with human, and WAMOEBA focuses on communicating emotionally with human.

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