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RoManSy 2008
17th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics, and Control
July 5-9, 2008, Tokyo, Japan


RoManSy 2008
17th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics, and Control
July 5-9, 2008, Tokyo, Japan

[PRESS] Concerning the conclusion of an agreement
between Fukuoka City and the Humanoid Robotics Institute, and the establishment of HRI Fukuoka branch. Press release (Fukuoka City web site in Japanese)

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering has approved for the 21st century COE program. (2004-) 21st century COE program, Waseda University "The innovative research on symbiosis technologies for human and robots in the elderly dominated society"

Link update: ROBOCASA Laboratory which is the joint project laboratory between ARTS Lab of Scuola Superiore Sant'anna of Italy and Takanishi Lab of Waseda University of Japan. Director: Prof Paolo Dario and Prof Atsuo Takanishi.

Link update: WABOT-HOUSE Laboratory, Waseda University. Prof. Shigeki Sugano serves the director of the Laboratory.

Lille has been named Cultural Capital of Europe for 2004. Three humanoid robots of HRI are invited for demonstration at the Lille2004 exhibitoin "Robots!". (Dec. 2003 - Mar. 2004, Tri Postal, Lille, France)

The booklet (Development of Waseda Robot) by the late Prof. Kato is updated. (Mar 11th, 2003)

Five anthropomorphic robots & human cooperative robots will appear at Robodex2003 exhibition will be held in Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan, April 3rd - 6th 2003.

Xybernaut® and Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University to Integrate Robotics and Wearable Computing Technologies
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Robodex 2002 : four anthropomorphic robots are exhibited at ROBODEX2002 (Pacifico Yokohama, Mar 27-31, 2002): WAMOEBA (Waseda amoeba, Waseda Artificial Mind On Emotion BAse) -2Ri, Anthropomorphic Flutist Robot WF3-RVIII, Human-like Head Robot WE-3RV, Human Collaborative Robot iSHA.

Robofesta Kanagawa 2001

Humanoids 2001
2001 2nd IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (November 22-24, 2001)

Italy-Japan 2001 Workshop HUMANOIDS: A Techno-Onthological Approach
International Conference Center, Waseda University, Tokyo
(November 21st, 2001)



Ms. Hisako Ohta
3C-202 Waseda University Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences,
2-2 Wakamatsu-cho Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo #162-8480 JAPAN
Contact: h-ohta at
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